Focus the Conversation

Highlight a single prompt or question for the group to orient the discussion or decision around.

Visualize Constraints

Use a ticking clock and a moving progress bar to keep participants anchored to your time limits.

Provide Context

Share information about the task at hand, the topic that's come before and what’s next on the agenda.

Adjust on the Fly

Add time, tweak your content or jump forward and backward through your items in your agenda.

Pause and Reset

Easily stop the clock or refresh the timer if you got started a bit before everybody was ready.

Wrap it Up

Take advantage of all the time Facilitimer helped you saved and end early. Be a meeting hero!

Try Facilitimer for free.

The Free version includes all features and enables you to customize timers, text, fonts and colors. You're simply limited to five slides. Facilitimer Pro has unlimited slides and will soon include new features we have in the works.

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Keep your meetings on track with a giant timer.

It's easy to select a topic, provide some context and time box a conversation. Set the default timer for whatever duration you like.

It's easy to use and difficult to misunderstand.

In addition to a simple ticking clock, the background of the entire screen transitions from one color to another as time elapses.

Customize timers, text, fonts and colors.

You have control over everything on screen. Use your company’s brand type and colors to create a look that's'uniquely your own.

Plus dark mode. (For business goths!)

Switch things up with the flip of a switch. Dark mode adjusts the background from white to black so it matches the color of your soul.

Build your own agenda.

Drag and drop slides for an agenda tailored to your purpose. Advance to the next topic whenever you’re ready. Don’t waste time in meetings.

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