Life is too short to waste in terrible meetings.

We love a good meeting. Starts on time, everyone’s engaged, there’s lively discussion, big decisions get made and you leave having actually accomplished something. Those meetings are the best.

Problem is those meetings are the exception, not the rule. And that stinks. So we made an app that helps everybody get on topic and stay on track.

Here’s how it works:

Write a prompt, set a timer.
Yup, the whole screen is a big-ass progress bar.
Time's up. Let’s move on.
You can also pause, reset or add time.
Choose any typeface and color combo you like.
Plus dark mode for business goths!

Last but definitely not least… when time’s up, the app makes a loud, old-timey car horn sound that even the most effusive rambler will find difficult to power through. A-HOOOOO-gah. (You can turn it off, but we don’t recommend it. Because ahoogah.)

Facilitimer: a meeting agenda that keeps itself. Available now in the Mac App Store.